Server Administrator

24/7 UNLIMITED server administrator. Butuh bantuan untuk server Anda? Kesulitan meng-install module? Teknisi berpengalaman kami siap membantu Anda 24/7/365 untuk melakukan pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan server Anda. Juga termasuk produk monitoring server gratis.

Common Service

  • Kernel upgrades
  • Server Recovery Service (Data Recovery Not Included)
  • Emergency Backup and Migration Works
  • Security updates for server software
  • PHP configuration, update and installations with options like GD, Curl etc.
  • Correcting problems with critical services (Web Server, Mail Server, SQL, FTP, DNS, Control Panel)
  • Apache, Perl module install
  • Software/script install
  • Optimizing Apache Web Server

Kami juga akan membantu Anda untuk menangani kasus khusus seperti berikut ini

Common Emergency Services

  • All/Any webpage(s) on the server shows internal server error
  • Web pages with Specific extensions ( for eg:- *.php ) shows download prompt
  • Cgi-bin scripts stops working all of a sudden
  • Webpage loads very slowly or timeout
  • Secure websites stops working
  • SSL warnings while accessing secure websites

Common Emergency Services

  • All websites stopped working after database server upgrade
  • Database connection problems after php recompilation
  • Recurring “Database Connection Limit exceeded” error message on critical websites
  • Data from specific tables stops working all of a sudden
  • Control panel database stops working ( eg:- Plesk )
  • Modification of database variables such as max connections, memory used etc.
  • Managing the MySQL connections among various virtual-hosts

Common Emergency Services

  • Cannot send and/or receive mail using webmail and/or Outlook Express
  • Mails from/to specific mail accounts/mail servers stops working
  • Heavy incoming/outgoing spam causes server downtime, and blacklisting of the server IP
  • “No User/Account by that name” Error message, even when the specific mail account actually exists.